If the devil’s in the details,
Hail Satan🤘.

Jen Tank is an inspiring and accomplished hands-on Creative Director with proven expertise creating exceptional brand experiences across all channels. 

With 17 years of experience as a designer and creative leader— both on the agency side and in house, she’s worn all the hats and made all the things.

Jen is an expert in facilitating, navigating, and inspiring teams to do their best work AND a hands-on designer who loves to roll up her sleeves and get things done.

An expert in early stages, zero to one, and nothing to something great, Jen can take an insight and expand it creatively across all channels— from brand identity and guidelines to social media, out-of-home, art direction, packaging, digital advertising, broadcast, retail, and direct mail. As a creative director with true omnichannel experience, you name it and she’s probably made it smarter, better, and more beautiful.

As a radically collaborative leader, Jen loves the chance to work with smart strategists, writers, art directors, designers, project managers, and client teams. With an obsessive focus on the future, her positive energy wins over skeptics and nay-sayers alike.